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You could say that the education you can acquire in Canada rivals what you can get in the UK or US – but at a lower price. For students in search of a high-quality education while cutting expenses, then consider the options for low-cost study abroad in Canada.


Safe and Friendly Environment: There is a saying that Canadians are some of the friendliest people in the world, and you will probably find this to be quite true. Canadians are welcoming to all peoples, the country itself is quite safe, and there is a relatively high standard of living. In fact, Canada is listed among the 10 safest countries in the world. Canada is also rich in diversity. Although English is a primary language, French is another primary language of the country, so expect to see signs and information in both languages wherever you go.


Life-changing Professional Experience:
Studying abroad provides plenty of opportunities for life-changing experiences. You get to interact with people from another country and culture while sharing your home country and culture. You build a network of friendships and professional connections that are likely to help you as you pursue a career. At the same time, you are acquiring valuable skills, such as independence, open-mindedness, organization, and working with others, that will help you both professionally and personally. Many Canadian universities also offer professional experience in the form of internships with various companies. This helps you to build practical experience while in the country to assist you with your education and career down the road. While not all internships are paid, you may be able to find options to work and study abroad in Canada if you need to earn some money.


Permanent Residency Options:
Sometimes you enjoy being in a foreign country so much that you do not ever want to leave. If you decide that you love Canada enough to live there after your study abroad experience, then you may consider immigrating after earning your degree and acquiring at least a year of working experience. Once you meet the minimum qualifications, you may apply for a visa for permanent residency. If approved, then you can live in Canada for the rest of your life.


Potential for Growth:
By participating in study abroad, you are likely to uncover all kinds of strengths and weaknesses you never knew you had. Study abroad shows you your potential for growth and that the world has much to teach you. There are so many benefits to studying abroad that it seems like everyone should choose to do it. While it might not always be easy, the end results are often worth it – just like your higher education. To learn more about the many study abroad options available in Canada and other countries around the world, start searching with UniNxt today.

Canada In Is A Land Of Immigrants. You Can Study In Canadian Colleges And Universities Which Are World Class Ranking Student Can Get 3 Year Stay Back Option After Graduating From Canada DLI Providers Which Is Leading To Permanent Residency.​

  • Affordable Education.

  • Multicultural Society.

  • Healthy and Safe Communities.

  • Government Funded colleges.

  • Possibility of paid Internships while studying.

  • Post Study Work Visa and good Job opportunities after completion of studies.

  • Possibility of Permanent Residency.

Cost of Study

Diploma and Advance Diploma cost around 12000 CAD to 15000 CAD Per Year, Bacherlor Degree cost is 18000 CAD to 20000 CAD Per Year and Master Degree cost is around 25000 CAD to 35000 CAD Per Year

Working Rights

Students are eligible to work on or off campus from day one.

Study permits will automatically authorize the holder to work on/off-campus for upto 20 hours per week during the academic session and full time(i.e.40hours per week) during scheduled breaks With out the need to apply for a separate work permit.

The Post Study Work Visa provides no restrictions on the type of employment and no requirement for a job offer.

  • 1 year Study –1 year extension

  • 2 years Study – Upto 3 years extension

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