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STUDy IN Lithunia

Lithuanian Flag

Lithuania (or Lietuva) is a Northern European country and one of the three Baltic states. Today Lithuania is a member of European Union and NATO, and among the most bilingual and educated nations in Europe. Lithuania offers lower tuition rates and lower cost of living than many other countries in the region, making it a perfect place for students to experience studying abroad in Europe at a lower cost.

Today universities and colleges all across the country offer more than 350 study programs in English language that foreign students are encouraged to attend.


There are two types of higher education institutions in Lithuania – colleges (kolegija) and universities. Colleges are focused on practical training for particular professions. There are 14 public universities, eight private, and one branch campus of a Polish university. 


Lithuanian universities use a 10-point grading system, in which 10 is the highest score and 5 is the minimum needed to pass. 


Lithuanians are friendly and often multi-lingual, with two-thirds of the population able to speak at least two foreign languages. Around 30% of Lithuanians are proficient in English, which is especially common in the younger population.

Tuition fees in Lithuania vary between universities, study levels and programs. Average rates are:

  • €1,000-5,300 (~US$1,060-5,620) for bachelor’s degrees

  • €2,200-6,500 (~US$2,330-6,890) for master’s degrees

  • €7,100-8,500 (~US$7,520-9,000) for PhDs


Lithuania is a fairly inexpensive country to live in, with Vilnius University estimating costs of €489 (~US$520) per month, or €5,868 (~US$6,240) per year including accommodation, which in student dormitories can be as little as €70 (~US$74) per month.


If you need a Lithuanian student visa, you’ll need to apply for the National visa (D), which can be single or multiple-entry. All non-EU students also need to apply for a temporary residence permit. You can apply for these at your local Lithuanian embassy for a €60 (~US$64) fee.


For Counselling & Applications, you can call at +91-9654223759 or write to us at info@uninxt.com.

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