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Popular degrees in the UK

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations for international students to study the best courses. There are quite a number of benefits that come with studying in the UK.

  • It is a safe and well-organized country.

  • The standard and quality of education rank among the very best in the world.

  • Cosmopolitan cities with exciting cultural diversity.

  • There are hundreds of world-class universities to choose from.

Another reason for the UK’s appeal is the wide variety of courses and subjects for students to study.

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Most Popular Degrees in the UK:


Business-related courses top the list of the UK’s most popular degrees. Many Business and Management programs offer placements with globally recognized companies. The most popular UK degrees in Business are Business Administration, Finance and Management, International Business, Marketing, Banking & Finance, Accounting, Business Analytics, and Entrepreneurship.


UK universities are among the oldest universities that offer law courses. Almost all UK law courses allow the students the option of taking a year’s professional placement at a firm. Studying law at the undergraduate level in the UK lead to a great career as a lawyer. The best and most popular law degrees at UK universities are Bachelor of Law, Criminology and Law, Master of Law, Civil Law, International Human Rights Law, and Criminal Justice.


Regardless of what medical course you choose to attend in the UK, the benefits afterward are plenty. With a medical degree, you’re open to a wide range of job options like a surgeon, psychiatrist, pathologist, cardiologist, etc. The popular ones are Surgery, Dentistry, Veterinary, Nursing, Psychotherapy, Biomedicine, Pharmacy, and Biotechnology.

Engineering & Technology

There are a number of engineering companies located in the UK and universities run a lot of partnerships with these organizations to offer you internships & job opportunities. The most popular degrees in the UK universities are Chemical Engineering, Aeronautics, Bioengineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Computer Science

Computer Science programs are the central element in today’s technology-driven world. New tools, programs, and development kits will develop your knowledge and ability in areas such as IT, games development, software engineering, design, and security.

Social Sciences

Valued for the quality of education carried out by professional academic staff and modern educational facilities, UK social sciences courses are highly sought-after. UK universities offer a lot of social sciences courses, but the following ones are the most popular ones: Psychology, Political Science, History, Linguistics, and Anthropology.

Media and Communication

The UK is a hub for media and communication students from every corner of the world. The most popular degrees are Journalism, Film & TV Studies, Screenwriting, and Digital Media.

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