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A Guide to Student Accommodation in the USA

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The USA, as we all know, is the land of opportunities. It's a fountain that keeps on sprinkling

new and unique possibilities at us. The quality and significance of studying in the U.S. are

esteemed highly on a global scale. For many international students, learning there is an

opportunity of a lifetime.

While you, as a student, maybe both excited and nervous to start a new life in a foreign land, your parents are sure to be anxious. They must be aware of how it feels to live in an unknown land at such a young age. Even you'd wish to live somewhere safe, tidy, and hospitable and close to your university. While you decide where to live, you shall list down your preferences and also your disfavors. Be it a pleasant shared studio or a single room- calculate your budget as well.

Here's a list of the three major options you'll have as a student in the USA

On-campus accommodation

The majority of the U.G. Students in the USA prefer to live in on-campus university-owned housing. It's also a reasonable choice for P.G. students who wish to live conveniently near their study area. It's an excellent way for intra-national and international students to gain insight into the local student background and form new bonds.

Rents often differ from state to state and the city you'll be living in. Besides the social aspect, on-campus accommodation provides convenient meal plans as well. You can also recline and stay assured of the security, as most on-campus hostels are heavily guarded.


● Not everyone fancies the dynamic world of college hostels.

● Most dorms have shared bathrooms.

● You may need to share your room.

It can be a wild place swarming with people moving around, and you'll be left with almost non-existent privacy. As most grads tend to be older than first-year students, there might be a communication gap. In case you're worried, contact the concerned authority and enquire about their student dorms. Also, try to apply as soon as possible.

Private accommodation

The universities will provide guidance and assistance to you if you fancy living in private accommodation. Living privately can be a more suitable alternative for you if you love to safeguard your privacy. You'll have more space, and it's simpler to sustain your independence.

Renting a home means you can live in any area of your liking. You can also share your space with your best friend or other close people. It'll again come easy on your pockets as you split all the bills.


● You'll have to arrange your utility bills and telephone services.

● You'll either have to prepare food by yourself or hire a cook/maid.

● The daily commute can become tiresome.

Also, you may feel moderately detached from your companions and crave human interaction. Lastly, the obligations that you'll face may affect your academic grades, especially if you fail to establish a proper study program


Living with a local family can help you smoothly adjust to your alien life. You'll get your private room in the house, chores, and meals will be taken care of. You'll also get the affection of a family. A homestay can turn out to be the best place for you to meld yourself with the local language and culture. You can enjoy all the warmth of home in spite of staying in an utterly new city. The university often offers these arrangements to ensure that the families have prior experience of hosting students as houseguests.


● Families often happen to live far away from universities.

● Lack of privacy, as you'll be sharing the residence with the entire family.

● You may be obligated to follow specific rules.

● Their culture and ethics might be opposite to yours.

If you're not habituated to this sort of strictness, it can be challenging to adapt, but you'll only have limited choice as a guest.

Private Student Accommodation

Private student accommodations are almost similar to university dorms but can be much more convenient. You've many choices, which often involves sharing a room with a shared bathroom and kitchen. Or you can get yourself a private studio room by paying slightly extra. They're mostly located nearby universities.

Most student accommodations are equipped with High-speed internet, game rooms, cinema rooms, gym, etc. Many student housings in the USA also organize year-round games and events where you make new enduring bonds and have a good time.


● It can turn out to be expensive.

● Be ready for constant noise.

● Roommates can be hard to deal with. Etc.

No matter where you prefer to stay, there will always be something that doesn't suit you. In

those situations, you've to learn how to adapt yourself to new and different things. It'll also help you evolve as a person. Nonetheless, you don't have to put up with something intolerable; you always have the power of choice.


Perhaps, this can be the most exhilarating experience of your student life, but house hunting, sensibly, can be strangely frantic. Relax and envisage the pleasant memories you'll make in the U.S. as an international student. And know that if you keep these points in mind, it will all work out just fine in the end!

Are You Looking for Student Accommodation in the US?

We at AmberStudent are dedicated to giving you the best experience and option for student accommodation around the world because we understand its importance. We have updated ourselves continuously with the COVID policies and would be more than eager to assist you in those.

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