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Essential pre departure checklist for Indian Students going abroad.

Receiving that golden ticket of admission from your dream college is an absolute thrill ride!

But hold on tight, because the next step of preparing a packing list can feel like a rollercoaster of emotions.

As you stand in front of your closet, trying to decide between your favorite pair of shoes or that extra sweater, remember to think practically and strategically about what you really need to bring along.

Packing for a long-term stay abroad is not such an easy task. It requires more than just common sense to figure out what essentials to bring along. It's not as simple as cramming your whole life into a suitcase. Before you run out of time, let this blog shed some light on the must-have items for your study abroad adventure to ensure you are well prepared!

Before you start packing!

  • While many international countries have lifted COVID-19 test requirements, some may still mandate that foreign students hold a complete COVID-19 vaccination certificate. This documentation is necessary for numerous renowned international education destinations like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other popular study abroad locations.

  • Keep yourself updated on the rules, regulations and guidelines pertaining to travel restrictions and protocols of your destination.

  • Double-check your baggage limitations with your airline.

  • Make arrangements for travel and lodging.

  • Get a notepad and a pen and start making a packing list with us!

International students must prepare a comprehensive checklist of essentials to ensure nothing is forgotten. Once you leave your home country and venture into a foreign land, the likelihood of returning soon is slim, unless there is a semester break or an emergency. Therefore, it is crucial to organize and plan all your necessities before you embark on your journey. Some key items to include on your packing checklist are:

  • Utilize online storage services like OneDrive or Google Drive to store all your documents online.

  • Arrange for airport transfers well in advance

  • Re-check the restrictions regarding luggage weight

  • Get a luggage tag to identify your baggage at the airport and not mix it with someone else’s

  • Finally, keep ticking off the packing list with us!

Steps for your actual packing!

  • Travel Documents: Travel documents are a must-have for students venturing abroad. These crucial papers are key to smooth sailing through airport security, immigration, and all the post-departure red tape. And don't forget to make copies in case the originals go missing! Here's a rundown of the essential travel documents- Passport, Student Visa, Credit cards, Travel Itinerary, Boarding Pass, Student Card and any others.

  • Clothes: For international students, packing smartly is key to saving money and staying comfortable in their new home. Before jetting off, do a little research on the weather and culture of your destination. If you're headed to chilly spots like the USA or Canada, bundle up with warm clothes. But if you're off to sunny East Asia or Africa, keep it light and breezy with basic outfits.

  • Medicines: You must have an ample supply of your prescribed medication on hand at all times. Don't forget to bring along the doctor's prescription in case you need a refill. In addition to your prescribed meds, it's wise to pack some over-the-counter remedies for common ailments like headaches, colds, and coughs. Just make sure the brand you choose is approved in your new country.

  • Electronics: In today's modern world, electronic devices are an absolute necessity. Along with other essential devices, a universal adapter is a must. This lifesaver ensures that you can plug in and power up no matter where you go because the outlets in hostels, accommodation and dormitories might not be the same as at home. Trust us, you don't want to be stuck in a foreign country with a dead phone and no way to charge it.

  • Personal Care: Carry your everyday products but leave your hair styling gadgets at home when packing your carry-on luggage. Not only do these gadgets drain power, but electricity costs can be sky-high in foreign lands. Save yourself the hassle and the extra expenses by opting for a low-maintenance hairdo while traveling.

Packing list ticked! 

But wait,

Before you leave home: Create a new email address, arrange a contact number for the new country, constantly communicate with the educational institute and fully charge your electricals like phone and laptop,

Bon Voyage, and may your experiences overseas be incredibly fulfilling and unforgettable!

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