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Shoreline Community College, Campus and Life Style.

Shoreline Community College

Founded in 1964, Shoreline junior college may be a public accredited college, renowned for providing top-quality education and helping students achieve their dreams. Located in Seattle, Washington, Shoreline features a strikingly beautiful campus and is surrounded by a number of the foremost spectacular natural scenery in America. Seattle is one of the fastest-growing port cities within the U.S. and residential to major world-class companies like Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks.


Some elements of SCC's architecture and landscaping are like Japanese traditions. Note the high roof element and therefore the rocks representing a stream as during a traditional Japanese garden.

Shoreline junior college was the brain-child of Dr. Ray W. Howard, superintendent of the Shoreline administrative district. He felt that Washington state's increasing host of highschool graduates didn't have adequate opportunities for education and "actively worked with other school districts within the area to convince legislators of the requirements of 'non-traditional' students who couldn't, due to economic circumstances, attend the University of Washington or other four-year institutions. In 1959 he brought forward the thought of a junior college in Shoreline.

Shoreline junior college started with evening classes in January 1964, accepting 806 student applications that might be taught at Shoreline high school which is now Shoreline Center. Dr. Howard "retired as superintendent in 1963, and spent his last two years with the district planning and opening the new Shoreline junior college ."

"The Boeing family eventually donated approximately 83 acres on a wooded bluff to Shoreline junior college," and therefore the site was cleared for construction within the early 1960s. "In the autumn of 1965, the new campus was ready for college kids.

According to a study released in October 2013, Shoreline junior college is that the best value for an associate within the state of Washington and among the simplest within the nation. As acknowledged within the study, graduates are shown to earn $456,269 more in their lifetime than they might without the associate.

No TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT required

We don't require a TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT for admission. During our orientation program, students take an English placement test to work out the extent of English proficiency. you'll be exempt from our academic English program with the subsequent scores:

TOEFL 70 overall/20 writing

IELTS 5.5 overall/6.0 writing

For guaranteed placement into advanced levels of English:

TOEFL 58 overall/15 writing

IELTS 5.0 overall/5.0 writing


Tuition and costs at community colleges typically cost 50%-70% but public and personal universities.* the value to attend Shoreline for one school year (9 months) is approximate:

Tuition, books & fees $10,335

Living expenses $8,898

Total $19,233

Why choose Shoreline Community College?

Over 90 areas of study

  • High academic standards

  • Small class sizes

  • Excellent student support services

  • Fun and interesting student activities

  • Beautiful campus and a safe environment

  • Located in Seattle--a vibrant, cosmopolitan port city


Is Shoreline junior college accredited?

Shoreline junior college is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Does Shoreline junior college have dorms?

On-Campus Housing

Our dormitory is out there to all or any Shoreline students who are a minimum of 17 years old. Located within the heart of the College's 83 acres, the building features 68 units that house 216-bed spaces with shared living rooms and kitchens.

What county is Shoreline WA in?

King County


How far is Shoreline WA from Seattle?

approximately 9 miles

The shoreline may be a city in King County, Washington, us. it's located between the town limits of Seattle and therefore the Snohomish County border, approximately 9 miles (14 km) north of Downtown Seattle.

What is the wage in Shoreline WA?

The state wage will increase from $12 per hour to $13.50 per hour.

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